Optional accessories

Suzuki offers a comprehensive range of utility equipment that perfectly matches your boat and engine. Our range starts from integrated tiller handles, steering extension, extra fuel line system, and goes on to the maintenance gears and protections such as flush hose attachment, engine covers and rigging tube. The flexibility and functionality of our utility equipment makes it easier than ever to customise your boat to suit your style and needs.

Contact your local Suzuki dealer to find out more information about our comprehensive range of accessories and equipment.

65000 95D01 000


Fuel hose

65700 93J00

Water separator/fuel filter

65900 98J00 000

Element set

65910 98j00 000

Integrated multi-function tiller handle Kit 

The integrated multi-function tiller handle kit utilises the functions that are essential for your drive. Tachometer, warning indicator, troll mode switch, power trim and grip friction adjuster together with normal tiller handle function.

IMG 0373


Rigging tube

990C0 20010