Engine Oil

What makes you decide to buy the engine oil you currently use for your outboard?

Often, people try to use cheaper and ordinary engine oils for their Suzuki outboard. But is it the best choice for your motor? Cheap and ordinary oils are not normally made to meet the demands of a Suzuki outboard as they may contain ingredients detrimental to your motor's health and performance, rather than enhance it.

Suzuki has approved engine oils that optimise your outboard’s performance and protects your outboard better than the rest.

Suzuki Marine engine oils offer the right blend of lubricants to give the required protection to the Suzuki outboard range. Suzuki’s engine oil was developed in conjunction with Motul – a partnership that spans over 20 years. The oils are designed to meet the demands of Suzuki’s high performance engines but are the perfect blend to optimise your motor’s performance, whether it's a 2.5hp or 350hp model. Using Suzuki Marine oil also means less wear on your motor, so protect your investment by choosing Suzuki Marine oil.


4-stroke engine oil (FC-W)

10W40 5L BD

2-stroke engine oil (TC-W3)

 2 stroke engine oil TC W3