Multi-function gauge

“Getting the right information at the right time with only one screen” – this is what Suzuki’s digital multi-function gauge is all about.

Suzuki's gauges offer comprehensive engine management and performance data with one easy-to-see screen, with the option of digital or analogue display, as well as day or night mode.

Functional, reliable and with a sleek, modern look, the multi-function gauge lets you know exactly what is happening with your engine at any time, for your boating comfort and safety. That's boating made better!

Check out the different displays and modes below.



Analogue tacho and speed mode

Info 1

* Speed sensor or GPS module will be required in order to display the speed.

Tacho mode

Info 2

  • Fuel flow [l/h, gph] (instantaneous)
  • Mileage [km/l, mpg] (instantaneous and average)
  • Trip time [h], Trip distance [km, M, NM]
  • Engine hour, voltage, water temp and more...

The gauge can be operated with either a digital or analogue readout and incorporates day and night modes.

Individual elements can also be enlarged, further enhancing its user friendliness, functionality and reliability.

Analogue tacho and speed mode

All AN

Analogue speed mode (night)


Analogue tacho mode


Digital tacho and speed mode

All DG

Digital tacho mode (night)


Fuel mode