High Performance Outboards


High performance engines with high end features and outstanding fuel efficiency, that pack a punch.

Midrange Outboards


Versatile engines that mix performance and power with all the latest features and technology.

Portable Outboards


Compact, yet powerful. These outboards are lightweight, portable and easy to use.



Excellent acceleration and more economical and user-friendly operation, all in a compact design.

Mechanical remote controls

Suzuki's mechanical remote control boxes will make your ride easier, smoother and more comfortable.

The control boxes were recently given an update – redesigned and modernised by the hands of top-level engineers and up-and-coming designers from Suzuki Motor Corporation (SMC). Ergonomically designed for better handling and grip, so they look the part, yet offer you a more seamless and comfortable boating experience at the same time.

Whether your vessel is fitted with one or multiple engines, there's a mechanical remote control box to suit your needs.

SMC Design concept

Designed with fascinating contrast of “Yin” and “Yang”, the all new Suzuki mechanical remote control box has been redesigned with a sense of sharpness. “Yin Chamfer” on the grip will bring beauty and elegance to your console and the “Yang Chamfer” will bring sprightliness in your boating life. “The all new Suzuki’s mechanical remote control box, the all new boating life” is what we wish to deliver you.

Control box features

  • Ergonomic design with Suzuki’s original “Yin and Yang Chamfer” concept; better in grip, elegant in designs.
  • The same design concept used in Suzuki's multi-function gauges – best fit for your console.
  • Ergonomically tested lever size.
  • Smooth shifts.

Binnacle-mount remote control box for dual engine

The dual remote control box with orbit drawn in the air is a masterpiece sitting in your console. The PTT switches are in easy reach to make your boating easier.


Binnacle-mount remote control box for single engine

Elegant in design and smooth in movement. Ergonomically-tested grip and harmonious design ("Yin and Yang Chamfer" design concept) will bring you a completely different boating life.



Flush-mount remote control box for single engine

67200 94J20 000

Side-mount control box for single engine

67200 93J30 000


Mechanical components

Our pursuit for easier handling and better safety functions has driven us to create simpler and safer gadgets. We have various types of panels to accompany your remote control boxes, as listed below.

Lighting switch panel

lighting switch panel

Emergency switch panel

37803 93J00 000

PTT switch panel

37805 93J00 000

Ignition switch panel  single ignition

37210 93J00 000

Ignition switch panel  single ignition with "emergency stop" switch

37100 96J20 000

Ignition switch panel  dual ignition with "emergency stop" switch

37100 96J10 000

Troll mode switch panel

An optional extra on remote control models of DF40A and above, this easy-to-use system lets you adjust engine speed in 50rpm increments, giving highly precise control at low revs. With its own tachometer and control switch, it works alongside our digital multi-function gauges and analogue gauges. 

*Also available for Suzuki Precision Control

37860 87L00 000 2



There is no other outboard brand like it in the world. Suzuki Marine is truly unique. You may think all outboards look the same, but once you get under the surface, you'll see why those in the know, choose Suzuki Marine. Our distinctive character is not what you see, it's what you feel better acceleration, better fuel efficiency and better value...