High Performance Outboards


Experience a new level of high-performance with Suzuki Marine. Providing first-class acceleration, leading fuel efficiency and a compact design, get the most out of your boating with our top outboard motors. To provide an unbeatable performance, they feature:

From fast acceleration to consistent cruising speeds, find a new level of power with a high-performing yet quiet boat motor.

Better fuel efficiency

The lean burn fuel technology works wonders on open water. The on-board computer system uses real-time sensors to predict the optimal amount of fuel to use on your trip. This ultimately increases fuel efficiency by up to 45% when cruising or operating at lower speeds.


Even weight distribution for better balance

Keep your ride balanced with the clever design behind our performance motors. By offsetting the driveshaft so the crankshaft sits in front, Suzuki Marine’s high-end outboards have remarkable balance. That’s because the overall size is reduced and lowered, keeping the centre of gravity close to the water.

Used in all high-end outboard motors, the offset driveshaft maximises the motor’s efficiency while maintaining the best quality performance imaginable.


No belt adjustment – maintenance-free

It almost sounds too good to be true. The self-tensioning, oil-bathed timing chains in your motor keep the motor chain tight and secured. This happens automatically and ensures it won’t need any help from a mechanic to keep turning.

The maintenance-free timing chains work by using a hydraulic chain tensioner. This function constantly adjusts the chain so it’s kept as tight as it needs to be.


Noise reduction

A high-performance motor doesn’t have to make a lot of noise. At Suzuki Marine, we’ve created clever designs and employ smart technology in our quiet boat motors to keep noise at the shore of your trip.

One noise reduction method on the DF200AP, DF200A, DF175AP and DF150AP models utilises a resonator on the intake manifold. This decreases the noise made by air passing through, which travels at high velocities.


Precise and smooth Control

The advanced technology in the DF150AP, DF175AP, DF200AP, DF250AP, and DF300AP models provides seamless shifting, giving you complete control. From manoeuvring through marinas to the open water, you’ll notice the difference in performance.

A computer-based drive-by-wire system instantly shifts between forward, neutral and reverse, removing all friction. It can be configured for single, twin, triple or quad installations, and for dual stations.