I should’ve switched sooner

Bayview - Pittwater, NSW

"My name is Karl Stubbs; I work at Johnson Brothers Marine Services. I work on the slipway, anti-fouling, sanding, painting, picking up boats, delivering them back when they're finished and running them for the mechanics when they're doing engine checks. I live on the Central Coast and I travel to Newport every day by boat – a 24 mile round trip (approximately 38km). I recently bought a DF70, which I'm absolutely loving. I'm saving a lot of money on fuel and it's good for going offshore for the reliability. It's quiet, I'm loving it."

How much fuel are you saving?

"I'm down to, on a round trip, 11 to 12 litres [of fuel used], for 24 miles so you know, I'm getting almost... close to 50 miles out of a 24 litre tank – i'm very happy with it! (Karl was running a 90hp V4 Johnson 2-stroke using almost a third of the fuel).

Since you've switched to Suzuki, have you worked out how much money you are saving?

So, I switched to Suzuki in late December and I think, approximately, now I'm up to about $2,500 dollars that I've saved on my fuel bill, which is very, very good."

Are you happy to have made the switch?

"Yeah definitely, I wish I‘d done it sooner."

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