Selective rotation

If you have a large boat with two or more outboards, you generally need to pair a standard rotation outboard with a counter rotation model. The ground-breaking Selective Rotation technology instead allows our outboards to be configured for either regular or counter rotation (anti-clockwise) operation, for vessels equipped with multiple engines.

A key feature of Suzuki’s AP models (currently available in DF150AP, DF175AP, DF200AP, DF250AP, DF300AP), it allows the outboard to operate in regular clockwise rotation, using the forward gear, or counter rotation mode by changing the gear-shift mode and adding a counter rotational propeller, making our high performance engines even more versatile.

Selective Rotation Connector

Our Suzuki Selective Rotation system allows you to select the rotation direction on any Suzuki outboard. So instead of buying a dedicated counter rotation model, all you need is a standard outboard, a suitable propeller, and our simple Selective Rotation Connector.