High energy rotation

The DF60AV is a high thrust version of the standard DF60A model which features Suzuki’s High Energy Rotation system.

It is equipped with a lower unit, based on that found on the DF140A, specially engineered with a large 2.42 gear ratio that turns a bigger 14-inch prop. The system delivers a 42% increase in forward thrust and 136% in reverse, providing the propulsion you need for moving heavy boats.*  

The High Energy Rotation system gives you more precise control when manoeuvering, superior low speed handling, more hole shots and plenty of power to move and manoeuvre with a heavy load.


*Thrust was statically measured using a stationary test boat running forward at 3,500rpm and reverse at 3,200rpm.
Data was obtained through in-house testing under uniformed conditions.

Results will vary depending upon operating conditions (boat design, size, weight, propeller size, weather, etc.)