Timing chain


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Our multi-award winning products provide more value with features that are unique to Suzuki Marine…

Maintenance-free timing chains in our range of DF40A and above (Midrange and High Performance engines) means no belt adjustment and no maintenance during the life of the engine.

Timing chains are the devices that make the connection between the crankshaft and camshafts and are located below the powerhead on a Suzuki outboard.

The self-tensioning, oil-bathed timing chains found exclusively in Suzuki’s 4-stroke outboards reduce noise and improve durability for dependable and quiet operation. The hydraulic chain tensioner automatically adjusts the chain as required, meaning there is zero maintenance required on the chain, EVER!

This reduces your servicing costs over time, providing you better value compared to other outboard brands.


There is no other outboard brand like it in the world. Suzuki Marine is truly unique. You may think all outboards look the same, but once you get under the surface, you'll see why those in the know, choose Suzuki Marine. Our distinctive character is not what you see, it's what you feel better acceleration, better fuel efficiency and better value...